Well I’ve got to start somewhere..

“Sometimes I start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going, I just hope I find it along the way,”-Michael Scott [The US Office]. This is pretty much how I’m starting this blog. Right now I don’t know what this will turn into, but hopefully my passion for writing and lack of understanding where I fit in the world will come together to create somerthing mildly interesting.

I’m trying to find my way, to figure out what it is I really want to do with this life I’ve been given; but the more I’ve searched it’s lead me to the conclusion that nobody really knows. We all just float around hoping everything will fall into place whilst pretending it already has on social media. There’s pressure put onto us from a young age that we should just know what job we want, and expected to follow social norms into meeting ‘the one’ getting married,  buying a house and having two kids. But what if we don’t know? What if we don’t want those ‘norms’? What if we do want those norms but they’re just not happening?!

I’m trying to find some more balance in my life, and fill it with true happiness, love and light. Letting go of what I think is expected of me and embracing change. This is my road to balance.

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