Kick Starting Motivation (When All Seems Lost!)

Recently I have found myself struggling with motivation. Motivation for a lot of things; to get out of bed, to write, to go to work, to do the things I enjoy and to learn spanish just to name a few. I don’t know what it is, is it the weather? It’s been rainy and miserable here in England the past few days which we all know can effect our moods and motivation. Sometimes I feel like I’m just being lazy, or I just need an energy boost but those things are not always easy to fix either and I decided to embark on a mission to kick start my motivation (but how do I get the motivation to do that?!).

1) A Big Ol’ Cup of Caffeine.

This one probably seems obvious; caffeine to boost the energy levels! We all know that caffeine phsycally effects our biology to make us more alert, however for me I think that psychologically it helps too, almost like a placebo. I know that drinking this mug of coffee should make me feel more awake, so just the smell and taste of coffee now makes me immediately feel more alert. I know that’s just in my head but hey, if it helps! Also, a cup of something warm feels comforting. If coffee isn’t your thing, teas, hot chocolate or any other warm beverage you fancy may do the trick here!

2) A Walk.

We’ve all heard the advice that physical exercise can improve our mood and make us more productive. ‘Blowing away the cobwebs’ has been written about in this way for years, and that’s for a reason. Increasing the heart rate and getting our blood pumping more effectively around the body is bound to give us more energy. Not only that but there’s a lot to be said for a solitary walk to bring about inspiration or just give yourself some time to think. No matter the weather a walk can be beneficial, maybe more so if it’s a rainy, blustery day!

3) Setting Up Your Workspace

Even if I feel the least in-the-mood to work possible, setting up my workspace moves me closer to the real deal. Opening the laptop, getting out notepads and making your space comfortable will move you closer to sitting in the chair and getting stuck in. I find spraying some room spray/lighting a candle/plugging in an essential oil diffuser can also work wonders. Peppermint essentiasl oil can be used for mental focus and to get you feeling more awake.

4) Write Things Down

Writing lists is a technique that has been used by many people for years as a way to kickstart motivation and get things done. I like to start my lists off with simple things such as “make a cup of coffee” that I can easily check off and feel like I’m getting things done! The main idea is just to get the ball rolling so I can move on to the more important things of my day. Writing my list of things to do also helps clear my head and make room in there to think more openly, and it makes everything seem a bit less overwhelming. If it’s on paper it doesn’t need to be in your head!

However, despite everything, some days just aren’t productive days, and that’s okay! We can’t always force ourselves into work-mode as much as we try and sometimes trying to will have the opposite effect. It’s important to recognise when its just not happening and let it go. After all, everything is only temporary.

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