“The Sheep That Helps You Sleep”

I’m always one for a Lush bath and Baa Bar Bubblebar is just too cute to walk past; it’s a little sheep! Unfortunately when I took these pictures I’d already used half so you’re only seeing half the cuteness but it’s still adorable.

Adorable sheep shape aside, this bubble bar is all relaxation and purple dreaminess. It’s the perfect addition to a long day when you’re about ready to sink into a bath and forget everything else, and just half a bar makes a mountain of lavender scented bubbles so you can do just that! The lavender scent isn’t super overpowering either, it’s almost a powdery lavender that made my bathroom smell gorgeous.

Stepping out of this bath everything seemed better, I always underestimate the power of a good bath to change my outlook! It must be something about being almost wrapped up in the warm (almost boiling if I’m honest) purple water, with a book or my iPad and surrounded by bubbles. Add the obligatory cup of tea (spearmint green) and there’s my recipe for winding down at the end of the day.

So if a relaxing bubble bath with a calming lavender scent and a cute little sheep shape sounds right up your street, head to Lush quick before this limited edition cutie is gone for another year!

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